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Serenity Psychotherapy is a place to work together to create a space for authenticity, self-awareness, and personal growth. Life can be stressful, and sometimes it is difficult to find a place to call home.

In the therapy room, I am committed to holding space for the hard conversations, the underlying concerns, and the words that might sometimes be left unsaid. It is my mission to help you to find that home space within, and to cultivate a deeper awareness of who you are and what you need for healing and growth. 

As an antiracist, trauma-informed psychotherapist, I am committed to actively noticing the complex dynamics around safety, oppression, and trauma history, while centering this awareness within the healing journey. Racism and inequalities impact everyone, from our daily lives to the broader context of society, culture, and history.


With all of this in mind, I prioritize supporting BIPOC communities and folks with intersectional identities in the process of acknowledging, resisting, and healing from racialized trauma and other forms of oppression.



Serenity Psychotherapy is based in East Hartford, Connecticut and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The lands where this practice resides are located on the traditional territories of the the Sicaug, Tunxis, and Wangunk People in Connecticut, and the Odawa, Peoria, and Potawatomi People in Michigan. With this awareness comes a responsibility to respect indigenous communities and cultures, to take action in alignment with our values, and to acknowledge the complex imprints of the past as they ripple into the present and beyond.

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